Strategic Giving

Dell Technologies values partnerships that enable broader giving to empower more youth and communities. The DDF manages the relationships that we have with our strategic giving partners, and through our programs implemented, we can reach many underserved communities and schools.

When we talk about including everyone in the digital economy, all means all. Digital literacy is vital to competing in the 21st-century workplace. Globally, more than $70M has been donated to non-profits working to inspire individuals to learn, gain real skills, and pursue careers in STEM. 

Sustainable programs like our Solar Learning Labs, help drive the impact that technology and education have on communities. These labs provide digital access to thousands of students, mostly in parts of the world that lack reliable electrical grids. Unreliable electricity makes it extremely difficult to support computer labs, which is why our labs run on solar power and made entirely from refurbished shipping containers. The first South African lab launched in 2014 in Kensington, Cape Town that provides STEM learning such as robotics and coding, empowering thousands of students and community members. Globally, South Africa has the highest number of labs launched, 15, which are helping to create ICT literate and connected communities. By 2030, Dell plans to build 100 of these labs around the world.  To accelerate the deployment of the labs, Dell is helping our non-profit partner launch a new funding model. With the funding model, customers and partners can now join us, in helping to reach the goal. You can learn more at or contact our local team to see how you can partner with us.

Environmentally Friendly Solar Learning Labs: Powered with Your Support