Business in SA

The future sustainability of the economy of South Africa largely rests on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans, aids in job creation meets business and consumers needs and improves the lives of all South Africans. For these reasons, Dell identifies and supports viable small business initiatives. Dell aims to make small businesses more economically active in South Africa. As an organisation we have exceeded our required BB-BEE expenditure towards Enterprise Development over the last 3 years and achieved full points for this element on the BEE scorecard. Dell is committed to this element of the scorecard and we have continually exceeded this element for the past three years.
As of 2009, Dell has assisted over 50 companies. At Dell we place a firm emphasis on sustainability in everything that we do and it’s no different with investments into these companies.

Some of our investments include:

  • Continuous support of beneficiaries who are Dell partners.
  • Learning Academies for students who cannot afford to study further.
  • Services to employ and empower the Deaf.
  • A multitude of investments into events, entertainment, construction and management services.