Dell South Africa promotes True Ability

Drawing inspiration from those who we think cannot “do it” for themselves – proves the theory of “whatever you can do, I can do better”. It is more rewarding when everyday tasks become life’s mission to accomplish. And that is where organizations like eDeaf come into play. A community that unleashes the social and economic empowerment of the Deaf community, through diversity of talent and skills, by adding value to the company. “Look through the eyes of a deaf person” by eDeaf took place on July 31st at the Dell Johannesburg site where the purpose of the event was to provide staff with extensive knowledge on how to employ and empower deaf people within our work place as well as our communities.

The Dell team was equally excited to welcome Nicky Abdinor who visited and gave a talk on being disabled and her role within the able-bodied and disabled community. Nicky runs an NGO which assist people with disabilities within South Africa to be MOBILE and INDEPENDENT through the funding of car adaptations. The local Dell team was incredibly moved and inspired after hearing her life lessons – she truly does put her message into practice.

Author: Clerrene Bhabha

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