Dell extends education funding

Dell SA donated R800 000 in cash and computer equipment worth R200 000 to community development NGO, Humana People to People.

This is Dell’s third year of making long-term investments in Humana. Humana People to People spokesperson Sizwe Mbele says the non-profit organisation has given an additional 300 children, living in disadvantaged areas in Soweto and Krugersdorp, computer skills, due to Dell’s previous investments. Humana is implementing a new computer skills project in KwaZulu-Natal using these funds. He says previous projects have been successful and have furthered Humana’s reach in providing skills development to youth living in underprivileged areas. “We are currently training over 400 young adults and children, providing them basic computer skills so that they will be able to find employment in the future.

“Some of the children have never used a computer in their lives. In the modern era, technology is critical for youth education. We are trying to empower children between 10 years to young adults living in communities that have limited access to technology.” He adds: “We have seen how the students have benefited from the donations because many of them have been able to find employment. We have a student who is now working in tourism at Maropeng.”

Rubiena Duarte, head of transformation at the Dell SA Corporate Development Fund, says the investment was made to assist Humana in delivering basic computer skills and academic training in mathematics, science and other related school subjects, using computer-generated learner programmes.

Humana’s four centres in Soweto, the West Rand and KwaZulu-Natal are expected to benefit from this donation.

“Together with Humana People to People SA, Dell hopes to provide academic education as well as HIV/Aids training and counseling to young learners living in underprivileged communities,” adds Duarte. Karen Matthews, head of marketing and communications for Dell Corporate Development Fund says: “ We also offer bursary programmes for certain NGOs such as Humana. Dell sponsors the tertiary education for specific graduates as well as offering an internship programme at Dell.”
“We are currently sponsoring five students at the University of Venda and eight at the University of the Western Cape,” says Matthews. The various branches of the NGO across the country will communicate with each other via Web cam.

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Author: Dell Development Fund

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