A letter of thanks

Dear Dell Development Fund,

I have always been passionate about people in business. With my Human Resources background it has always been heartbreaking to come across people, especially black people, who do not have careers or jobs because of lack of exposure to information. The main contribution to this is because of the lack of access to the world of information, communications and technology. The internet penetration in our country is growing, especially with the increasing use of smartphones. But, it is not enough!!! South Africa is an economic hub of Africa, but much more people in this country do not have access to information through technology that is out there.

When I approached Dell Development Fund, I was attracted to you even more because of your passion to bridge the economic gap in South Africa, through your technology and other funding methods you have. As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges is finding people who not only can fund your business, but who also shares the same passion and aim in business. I found this in your organisation.

I would like to thank you. Thank you Dell group for the Dell Development Fund. Thank you to your staff and the management for their contribution to such projects as these. *I read all about these heart warming stories on your Facebook page* Thank You for taking a risk to support my dream and most importantly for making this dream come alive. I started this business almost 2 years ago. Today there is energy in the air, a different atmosphere; I am excited and proud to show off your computers in our Academy. My colleagues are excited, my family is excited but most importantly, the Ebony Park Community is excited.


Thank You!
Bridgette Khonkhobe
Ebony Park Training Academy

Image by Jetske

Author: Dell Development Fund

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