Soup, glorious soup!

The Dell team were shown a little appreciation for all their hard work during this chilly winter with some well-deserved warmth by enjoying a delicious cup of fresh hot soup served from our soup bar, as a part of making Dell a Great Place to Work.

With mouths watering as they patiently waited their turn to order, everyone walking away smiling and happy with a cup or two of creamy mushroom, butternut and chicken and corn soup. The queue stretched from the soup bar all the way through the passage, smells working their way down the corridors, more and more people left their desks heading for some soup. Keeping up team morale and motivation are key instruments to stay in line with Dell’s winning culture spirit.

Here’s to ensuring our employees are well taken care of this winter, we hope that everyone is warmed up and have a Soup-er day!

Author: Dell Development Fund

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