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About Us

Dell’s Purpose and Values

At Dell, we are committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Our FY18 annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan shares stories of how our team members, customers, suppliers, and partners are working together to deliver on our commitment to build a Legacy of Good.

The Dell SA Development Fund (DDF) was created with the belief, that by improving social conditions, Dell can improve business conditions.The DDF aims to create literate and connected communities through education, supporting developing businesses and investing in the community. We have a holistic approach that includes creating partnerships with our employees, government and the communities we call home.

Management of the Dell SA Development Fund

Dell South Africa invests a percentage of every Rand spent by Dell customers into the DDF initiatives. These initiatives focus on Dell’s principle of inclusiveness which addresses internal and external transformation. Dell employees make up the DDF committee and are involved in making key decisions about the DDF investments

Transformation within Dell SA

As a business Dell focuses on real transformation within the organisation and in the communities we call home. South Africa requires a sustainable integrated business model that is sensitive to the needs of communities and businesses’. Dell ensures this business model is executed through our initiatives in internal inclusiveness, connected communities and evolving business in South Africa.This model will allow us to assist communities in South Africa to become more literate, healthier and more connected. Over the last four years Dell has maintained a Level 1 rating.

Dell Solar Labs

One of Dell’s most special programs in South Africa is our solar-powered learning labs.  We also have labs in Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco and Colombia.  Since starting the labs in 2013, Dell has helped 7500 kids, and others in their communities, to gain easier access to technology and 21st century skills.  Click here to learn more about the program and see inside one of our South African Labs.