Internal Inclusion

Skills Development

At Dell we believe that our employees need to be given the opportunity to develop and become leaders in their communities and within the organisation. In this regard, Dell has a key focus on developing employees through an extensive skills development program which includes short and long term investments.

Our Disabled Learnership Program

Dell focuses on creating employment opportunities for disabled South Africans through a disabled learnership program. The program also addresses diversity awareness with employees and managers relating to working with disabled people. Over the past six years we have had over 50 disabled learners on our program. In addition to training and work experience, Dell ensures that the disabled learners have the necessary equipment required to perform their jobs and assists them with their personal requirements.

Winning Culture

Dell encourages employees to become involved in initiatives that make Dell a great place to work for. This is achieved through our employee volunteer program and by creating awareness within the organization of how employees can make a difference. Our focus on internal inclusion is demonstrated through a Winning Culture Program. Employees volunteer their time at Dell beneficiaries or at an organisation they are passionate about. Recognition is given to employees who volunteer through our fun Care Bucks program.

Dell employees can also choose to invest in any organisation that Dell has invested in globally. Throughout the year Dell matches funding raised by employees towards philanthropic initiatives. The Winning Culture program also includes awareness events to raise employees understanding around is.

This includes:

  • HIV&AIDS testing
  • BEE information sessions
  • Heritage Day
  • Mobile Mammogram and prostate check ups
  • Cancer Awareness talks

We further strengthen the Winning Culture at Dell using our employees as referral points for other organisations that may require assistance. There will always be more communities in need than we as an organisation are able to provide for. In order to assist in selecting some of the organisations that require our help, we look to our employees as a point of recommendation.