Connected Communities

Different communities in South Africa require different types of support and assistance. Dell has a broad-based approach to assisting these communities by focusing not only on literacy but on health as well. Our initiatives are aimed at providing previously disadvantaged individuals with a means of becoming economically active.

At Dell we focus on initiatives that address support in terms of community upliftment programs such as:

  • Literate communities: Quality education, particularly in math, science and literacy, as well as access to technology and web based communities.
  • Healthy communities: Basic needs of people, such as nutrition and healthcare (focus on children and the disabled)

Dell SA has partnered with the global Dell Powering the Possible Program which is designed to ensure that youth all over the world have access to relevant education and Information Technology. The intention of this project is also to provide support for the educational and digital inclusion initiatives essential to success in this new era – the Connected Era.