Johannesburg Celebrates Human Rights

Human rights are marked in South Africa with an official public holiday. It follows the inauguration of former president Nelson Mandela and provides an opportunity to celebrate South Africa’s unique constitution, which grants equal rights to all people.

But understanding and celebrating human rights should not be confined to one day in the calendar year. That’s according to the Johannesburg team, who celebrated this year’s Human Rights Day with ring doughnuts as a symbol of celebrating awareness all year round.

With the belief that every child has the right to be loved, funds raised from the doughnut sale were donated to Kiva and Ethelbert Child and Youth Centre — a refuge for children who have been orphaned because of HIV/AIDS, or have suffered physical abuse.

Raising awareness of sexual violence is close to the team’s heart, which is why we have been backing “Red My Lips,” a global campaign aimed at combatting rape myths and victim-blaming. This April, team members pledged funds for a local, non-profit that provides a support network for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. To raise visibility, our female team members will be wearing red lipstick throughout the month of April to show support for the campaign.

But that’s not all we’ve been up to! Gary Fox, executive director of finance, EMEA, and the local finance team had the pleasure of visiting one of Dell’s Powering the Possible partners, the Sci Bono Discovery Centre, which is the largest science and math center in South Africa.

Team members gained valuable insight into the Youth Development Program and several upcoming projects, and answered insightful questions from Sci Bono Centre.

But the day wasn’t only about work! The Sci Bono team were eager to show us their science knowledge through engaging games and quizzes.

As always, it’s gratifying to see the impact of our support, and the team were delighted to listen to the Center’s heartfelt “thank you” for all our team does to improve lives through technology.

Author: Dell Development Fund

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