Dell Supports Enterprise Development

Most people will tell you that one of the key elements of a successful education offering is state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Thanks to one of our key partners, the Dell South Africa Development Fund (Dell) TSiBA has just that.  Big thank you to Dell for supporting TSiBA since our inception in 2005.

TSiBA has excellent IT infrastructure – including servers on both campuses, IT labs where teaching, research and homework happens, two mobile IT labs with netbooks to enhance access to ICT in our lecture rooms and an e-cafe and training room at our Ignition Centres. The Cape Town campus has been a wireless environment for the past year thanks to Dell support.
Dell’s support goes beyond delivering boxes of IT. They are completely aligned with our belief that investment in entrepreneurs will contribute to South Africa’s growth and development and have partnered with TSiBA on Enterprise Development initiatives at our Ignition Centres. Their support includes funding towards scholarships for students and we are currently investigating the possibility of our students/graduates accessing internships at Dell offices in Cape Town.
The Dell Development Fund is serious about sustainability and believes that “By providing the opportunity for young people to discover new possibilities, change their lives and unleash their true potential, we are helping to give them a future to look forward to. After all, it is only through improving social conditions that business conditions can be improved, and education is an essential tool to drive this transformation,” says Karen Matthews.
We have huge appreciation for Dell’s generous donations and committed support. TSiBA started with four laptops in an office without a window in 2004 … and look  how far we and our IT systems have come.
Petra de Witt from Dell says, “We are proud of what we do at Dell and believe that our investment into the lives of TSiBA students will assist in their development and their future. Technology and Education are the powerful tools and, when combined, can make a sustainable difference”


Author: Dell Development Fund

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