Dell steers away hunger and the cold for the homeless this Mandela Day

With over 11 million people in South Africa going to bed hungry and cold each night, the local Dell team decided that something needed to be done to address this. At Dell we focus on delivering results that make a positive difference, not only to our bottom line, but to the lives of the people around us. And it’s because of this that over 200 staff members dedicated 67 minutes towards helping the needy this Mandela Day. As part of Dell’s commitment towards such a special day each of our staff members made a delicious and nutritious sandwich, packaged it in a bag with a cosy blanket, and gave it to someone in need on their drive home from work that afternoon.

The quality of being able to add value to everything we do, no matter how small, in order to affect a positive outcome upon the people we employ, the people they in turn depend on, the communities we serve and the nation as a whole is what drives us – here’s to 67 minutes of making a difference every day!

Author: Dell Development Fund

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