Dell South Africa feeds over 250 people in a day

To spread some warmth to those less fortunate than ourselves this winter, Dell South Africa set up a sandwich making station at our Johannesburg office. It was stocked with all the ingredients required to make a delicious and nutritious sandwich. We then invited the Dell staff to show off their culinary skills by making a sandwich, collecting a blanket and a banana, which we’d also provided, and on their way home from work donating all three items to someone in need.
The response from the staff was mind blowing to say the least! With temperatures plummeting this winter there were numerous mouth to feed. Thankfully the Dell staff managed to get over 250 sandwiches, blankets and banana’s out to those who needed it most. Some of the staff even went so far as to drive home, make more sandwiches with their families and then head out again to deliver their ‘good will’ packs.
Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible!

Author: Dell Development Fund

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