Dell SA takes the HR foodie fun day to the community

The EMEA HR teams recently celebrated Foodie Fun Day whereby each of our teams were encouraged to share a meal in the name of good fun and friendship.

The South African HR team decided to team up with the Transformation team and share their Foodie Fun Day with the girl learners  from a local charity. Change the World Trust is a non-profit organisation which runs educational programmes, with a special emphasis on ICT training, for previously disadvantaged children and young adults in Diepsloot, Zandspruit and Midrand.

Whilst sharing a pizza our team was able to spend a few hours with these girls and chat to them about what it means to be woman in the corporate world; the challenges and triumphs we deal with on a daily basis and how we can face them to become better people. “It was so refreshing to be able to spend some time with the young women and share our experiences with them. It was inspiring to see the commitment and passion that these young ladies have for IT,” says Natasha Reuben, Head of Transformation Dell South Africa.

Author: Dell Development Fund

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