Dell SA Rings in the Festive Cheer


Annually Dell SA tries to fulfill the needs of as many orphans we can by providing them with some holiday happiness. Last year we partnered with our Dell Powering the Possible beneficiary, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, as well as our local creative agency, Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory, to ensure that the Christmas of 2014 would be one to remember. We set out by providing each Dell staff member with a gift box filled with goodies and invited them to purchase an additional item for their box. The boxes were then wrapped and personalized to each of the children at the orphanages Sci-Bono had selected.

On the 9th December over 250 gift boxes were delivered to the Sci-Bono science centre for what would be an amazing Festive Cheer party for the children.

Thank you to Sci-Bono, Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory and all the Dell staff members who made this day possible!



Author: Dell Development Fund

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