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The future sustainability of the economy of South Africa largely rests on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans, aids in job creation meets business and consumers needs and improves the lives of all South Africans. Dell aims to make small businesses more economically active in South Africa. All organisations are offered mentoring and coaching, marketing & business planning, access to business skills workshops and additional business support.

On an annual basis Dell hosts a function for all our beneficiaries. The purpose of this is not only to celebrate their successes but for the organisations to network and leverage business opportunities from each othe

eDeaf Community        

 Investment : 15 Desktops

Approximately 60% of the unemployed Deaf community can’t read and write on a competent business level. This factor is limiting them from following a lucrative career path, or from developing their general job skills.

eDeaf provides Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) as well as IT training to the Deaf community. The equipment invested by Dell will be used by these students who, after completing the course, will be ready to start careers as IT specialists or data capturers. Dell has been investing in eDeaf for the past three years.

Recess Magazine        

 Investment : 6 Laptops

At the age of 23, Cleopatra Simelane, has founded one of South Africa’s first “edutainment” magazine aimed at 14-24 year olds. The magazine has an aspirational feel to it and showcases South African role models who have achieved success despite barriers of race, class, gender and education. With the publication growing from strength to strength, and reaching over 10 000 students a month, Dell saw an opportunity to empower this young woman and her team. We were able to invest in six laptops which will be used by the Recess staff to write stories, garner advertising spend and promote this phenomenal magazine to more South African’s.


 Corporaide Clothing  Company     

Investment: Laptop, Desktop, Printer and Projector

Bheki Dlamini saw a gap in the market to create a reputable and credible empowerment company to supply corporates and government departments with their corporate clothing and gift needs. He approached Dell for assistance so that he wouldn’t have to travel into town each day to send off emails and do printing. The investment from Dell has made a huge impact on his business and day-to-day activities. Bheki now has time to focus on his clients, marketing the company and has succeeded in employing additional two staff members.


Makgalaka Business Development Services      

Investment: 10 Desktops
Before Makgalaka Business Development services, the communities in rural Limpopo had to travel up to 50km to reach the closest internet café, they now have one on their doorstep! Dell provided Makgalaka Business Development Services with some much needed desktops which are being used to train school children, teachers and entrepreneurs in the rural areas of Limpopo.

The internet café which they have set-up, allows for the community to send emails, search for jobs and research projects. It was difficult for our communities to access the above services as the nearest internet cafe is approximately 50km away from our area. Makgalaka spotted this gap in the market but a lack of financial resources was a hindrance. Dell came to our rescue and has added value to the lives of many rural communities who were somehow not able to enjoy the advancement of technology in the world.


Alexandra Chamber of Commerce – Johannesburg

Investment: 10 Desktops

The Alexandra Chamber of Commerce (ALEXCOC) is a business support organisation committed to the empowerment of local business in Alexandra and the surrounding areas. They encourage local business activities and create awareness to the community regarding the support of local business efforts. Additionally they service as an incubation hub for local businesses as well as provide support for the unemployed. The equipment invested by Dell will be used in their incubation centre.



Investment: 1 Million
Raizcorp is a recognized provider of Enterprise Development Services and is one of the most established incubators on the African Continent. It is also the only for-profit, unfunded incubator type in Africa. Business incubators like this one report success rates in excess of 85%. This is Dell’s second year investing in Raizcorp. Dell is currently part of the “Adopt a SMME program”, supporting 8 small businesses in total from various industries. In 2009 we have identified 3 SMMEs and 5 more this year.

The total investment for 2010 has exceeded R 1mil. The SMMEs get a total of 4 mentor specialists to guide them, 20  -30 hours of Business skills and personal development learning available per month, bookkeeper to do the books and much more. This also includes a monthly report to the Dell and regular meetings with the beneficiaries on the program.



Author: Dell Development Fund

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